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Custom Vinyl Heat Transfer

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We print digital! Our state-of-the-art digital printing equipment produces stunning vivid images with limitless color combinations. Send us your vector graphic or high resolution image and we will convert into a transfer decal for T-shirts, pants, underwear, jackets, and garments of all kinds and other items like tote bags and canvas banners. When preparing your graphics and/or text for digital output a cutline must be created to cut the design from the printing vinyl sheet. The best method for creating this outline is to simply make a silhouette of the entire graphic and then outline the silhouette. See graphic below, the cut lines are shown in MAGENTA

Text must be with in a text box container. We cannot weed out the bits and pieces inside letters or tight spaces between letters. For best results, place a box or oval around the text to cut. Even better is to create a silhouette of the text and outline the silhouette (shown at the bottom)